Man Of Innovation, Man Of Creation: Mr. Roberto Santiago

World-renowned and known as the most successful entrepreneur in Brazil is Roberto Santiago. Nothing short of amazing with his entrepreneurial spirit and his tenacious ability to reach out and acquire properties. Let’s take a look at the life of the man that has been labeled legendary with his vast creations …

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Consulting Operations

Drew Madden: The Savior of Small-Box Health Companies

Amazon Steps Into the Medical Industry When you think of Amazon, chances are pretty good that medical technology and drugs don’t come to mind. Well, if that’s the case, then get ready to temper your expectations once more: The colossus is out to claim its stake in a new territory, …

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Shiraz Boghani: Successful Accountant, Healthcare Business Owner And Hotelier

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya in East Africa, but he has become internationally known and respected because of the work he has done in the healthcare and hotel industry in the United Kingdom over the past 35 years. Boghani did not emigrate to England seeking fame and fortune, he …

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The Awe-inspiring Life Achievements of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a famous American sports team owner, investor, and an accomplished businessman. Edens is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. Wes is also one of the owners of the National Basketball Association, and Milwaukee Bucks. Edens own FlyQuest. Mr. Edens is a graduate of Oregon State …

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Randall Nardone Illustrious Career Began as Lawyer for Thacher Proffitt and Wood

Principal and Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group Randall Nardone began his illustrious career as a lawyer for Renown Law Firm Thatcher Proffitt and Wood Randall Nardone has successfully provided extremely high-level guidance and stewardship over Fortress Investment Group that has transitioned the company from its humble beginnings in …

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James Larkin Spokesman for Irish Workers Solidarity

James Larkin (January 21, 1876–January 30, 1947) was an Irish union leader and organized trade unions in Ireland. He was initially born in Liverpool, England. James Larkin established his first trade union in Burren, Ireland in 1905. Two years later he moved to Belfast and was founded several trade unions. …

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Talk Fusion, A Leading Internet Services Provider Going Places

Talk Fusion continues to make a startling performance in the ever-green app market. The tech company recently added the video app extension of their four-star rated innovation. Since debuting in 2007, Fusion’s Go App has grown by astonishing leaps and strides and is now used in over 140 countries. The …

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Health an Wellness

Enhanced Athlete Defends Lawsuit Against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete, a Sacramento-based fitness company has managed to defend themselves against Nutrition Distribution’s lawsuit against them. Enhanced Athlete managed to appeal to a judge residing in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California to reject Nutrition Distribution’s motion for an injunction. The lawsuit claimed that …

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Who is illustrious CEO and Chairman Hussain Sajwani, besides being BFF’s with Donald Trump? Many want to know

Hussain Sajwani, who comes from the seductively addictive desert territory of Dubai, where too much is never enough, has transformed his Development Company into something that has our attention. “I have, we have, succeeded by communicating to the world our significance, we saw the demands, we listened to the desires …

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Campaign Finance

We Must Reverse The Citizens United Decision

In 2010 the Supreme Court handed down a decision that greatly affected how campaign financing operates in the United States. In the landmark case known as Citizens United v. F.E.C., the court ruled that corporations, unions, and other associations were allowed the same first amendment rights afforded to private citizens …

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