#pray4 #3850 Kathleen’s Church, Church Leader’s Family To Pastor, Operating Like Business

Please pray for our worship team at church especially the Pastors son who
is the worship leader (Daniel) Most of the family in the church is the Pastors
family which is good, however, these children in the 20’s and down to 11 have been
brought up in the church, which again is good, however after they get down from
leading in worship they are texting on their phones and not interested in the word
of God. What is very evident is that it has become like a business to them. They
even have a rock group (not christian) they have started and are playing out at bars
and such and are now starting to bring the world into this church. I am an Elder in
the church and it is very hard for us to be able to talk to the Pastor about his
family that runs most of the things in the church. Please pray for the Elders to
address this issue. For the young ones who are so churched their is nothing Holy
left about it any more and for the Lord to please take care of this problem. Please
let the Pastor receive the things that we have to say and not be defensive. Please
help our church to have a worship team that is sold out to Jesus and not doing Elvis
songs in the service or rock and roll …please pray for us all to yield to the Holy
Spirit. – Kathleen

#pray4 #3849 Kristina And Military Husband Struggling To Hold Marriage Together After Last Deployment

My husband of almost 6 years and I have been struggling the last two to
three years to find something to hold us together after he returned from deployment.
We love each other, and I know I want to be with him, however he feels differently
about the last part, and feels as if he has too much going on in his life. I’m asking
that God will heal my husbands min soul and body and that he will heal our marriage
and lead us onto the right path. That we an come together as one being and become
the confidantes to each other we need to be. – Kristina

#pray4 #3848 Louis’ Wife Fern Released From Jail, Favor Judge and DA

Ask in the name of Jesus as to glorify the father that my wife Fern
C will be released from jail and not be sentenced to prison. Please Jesus
soften the hearts of the Judge and DA put compassion, mercy, and grace in there
hearts towards my wife. And help us to learn from our mistakes. Please hear this
prayer as to it being an expression of your love.

– Louis C

#pray4 #3845 Erin’s Brother George Is In The Hospital Dying, Liver, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Depression

My brother George is in the hospital dying. His liver has been so damaged
by years of alcoholism. He has so much wrong with him … liver, kidney disease,
diabetes, depression. Please pray for complete healing. Thank you! – Erin

#pray4 #3842 Rhonda Goes Back To School To Get Bachelor’s Degree

Please pray as I go back to school to get my bachelors degree in
psychology. Pray that I get excellent grades.That God blesses my mind and my memory
and I am able to do the work. All confusion is gone. All distractions are gone.
Please pray for my business that I have started with my daughter. Please pray that
we have plenty of referrals and are able to Bless families with the work that we do.
Please pray that we become prosperous, bills paid, Debt free.Please, God give me
your faith, self-confidence, knowledge and spirit. Fill me and let me know you are
with me and guide me. – Rhonda