#pray4 #3799 Jennifer Not Able To Pay Necessities, Son Fading Away

My finances are depleted. I am not able to pay for a lot of necessities.
My son is getting sicker and slowly watching him fade away. I still have a roof
over my head and I thank God for that. And even though I’m not in a better
position. I believe we are blessed anyway. – Jennifer

#pray4 #3798 Nicholas of Kenya, Wife Arrested Unjustly

My family is going through the most intense spiritual warfare I have known
in my life.

As I write, my wife Edith has been arrested because of a business deal that she was
not involved in.

Please intercede for us and for her release.

In Christ,



#pray4 #3796 Tyra’s Marriage, Healing of Husband’s Heart

I need healing in my marriage and for my husband to have a loving heart and
care for me and our son. This year make 2 years that we have been married. But we
gone through some struggles. Financial problems and me losing my job. And we
disagree a lot which turns into arguments. And my husband has uncaring heart about
things that are important. He is also use to being on his own before we got married,
so he has a single way of thinking and doing things. I want love, unity,
understanding and peace to be restored in this marriage. Also want my husband to
start going to church with me, and pray as a family and do things as a family. And
that my husband will leave his past in the past. – Tyra J

#pray4 #3795 Kimberly’s Cousin’s Daughter Was Involved In Car Accident With Drinking Partying Friends

I have a very serious prayer request. My cousin’s daughter was just
involved in an accident where her and her friends were drinking at a party and she
got behind the wheel and killed someone. She was a sweet, typical teenager who had
a lot going for her before this happened. Now she could face up to 40 years in
prison and the friends of the boy who was killed are trying to make her pay for what
she did. Please, please all prayer warriors and intercessors, please pray for her
and all involved and submit this to all of the prayer chains, if you would!!!!!!!! – Kimberly

#pray4 #3794 Karen’s Family and Finances and Job

Please Lord help us financially this month. Please provide us with the
monetary means to pay our bills this month. I pray our debtors be flexible and
lenient so we can get caught up. please guide me in my job search so I can start
working and pay our bills and those we owe money too. I pray that I be offered a
very good position close to home with good hours and great pay and benefits. I pray
the Good Lord hear and swiftly grant my request for financial assistance as soon as
possible as we are far behind on our bills and have no money to pay for them
especially this month. Our credit scores are not so good and we have been turned
down everywhere for loans. In Jesus name I pray. Amen – Karen M

#pray4 #3793 Everyone Clean Water, Edible Food, Deliverance Sex Trafficking

Lord Jesus please bless everyone in the world with clean water, edible and
healthy food to eat, shelter to stay, and please bring deliverance to every sex
trafficking and human trafficking victim out their in Jesus name amen – Laura

#pray4 #3792 Jenna’s Husband Paul To Be Delivered From Porn Addiction, Healing For Family And Marriage

Please pray for my husband, Paul, to have an awakening and to be freed up
from his pornography addiction that has been present for over 20 years. Please pray
that he will learn to feel empathy and remorse, and that he would choose his wife
and children over himself. Please pray that God convicts his heart so that he cannot
do anything other than seek Christ and mend things with our family. Please specifically pray for my husband, Paul, to be released from his addiction to pornography. I also ask for the following in prayer for him:

That Paul would develop empathy and remorse

That Paul would realize the damage he has done to our family and marriage and that
he would see our value.

That Paul’s parents would have the blinders taken off their eyes and not try to
prevent his recovery.

– Jenna