Betsy DeVos On A Mission To Improve The Quality Of Education

The current United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is on a mission to improve the quality of education system in the country. I am impressed with her works before her term as the Secretary of Education as an education activist. Her activities were deemed to raise the quality of public school system. Though it is hardly a month in the office of the Secretary, we can see that she is determined to achieve her set goal of quality education. She believes that the quality education should be accessible to everyone irrespective of the gender, race, etc. This is the reason I see why she opposed the draft order of President Trump which sought the rollback of protection measures given to transgender students at schools. I am sure that she could not perceive the idea of discriminating students, and she showed her protest against it. Check this article from NYPost.

While she was an educational activist, Betsy formulated many initiatives that could transform the total quality of education of both public and private schools. Some of those initiatives include school of choice, grading system, charter school system, school vouchers, etc. I can totally agree with her opinion that to improve the quality of education, there is an atmosphere of competition between schools should be created. The fact is that the schools including both private and public are failing to provide the quality of education a child needs. She and her husband Dick instituted Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for the BBA or integrated BBA/MBA graduates at Northwood University. She is also a board member of Foundation for Excellence in Education, an organization working to ensure the educational system making children capable of achieving their God-given potential. She is also very active in encouraging the arts, and her family founded ArtPrize in 2009, an international art competition program held yearly in Grand Rapids. I see it as a significant step to revive the traditional arts and encouraging the artists in a greater extend. Visit Betsy’s website at

Betsy completed her graduation from Calvin College, Grand Rapids. She worked as the Chairman of The Windquest Group, an investment management firm. She and Dick are the board members and chief investors of Neurocore. It is an institution working on biofeedback therapy to brain centers for addressing depression, autism, anxiety, etc. I admire her contributions and initiatives for philanthropy. She and Dick set up a foundation known as Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to initiate philanthropic contributions especially in five sectors namely education, arts, justice, leadership, and community. We should note that she and Dick have contributed $11.6 million contributions to various organizations in 2015, whereas their political and campaign contributions for the last five years stand at just $5.3 million. Her foundation has made contributions worth $139 million until date.

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If only other people in the education can key into what she is doing already perhaps the sector could have recorded much more improvement. In a way goes further to show us most of the work that she has done in ensure that the quality of education giving out to students are top quality and I believe the name of Betsy Devos will be remembered in times to come.

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