Whitney Wolfe Announces The Success Of Bumble

Taking Off With Daters
Bumble is currently a hit around the world. Just about anywhere you go you’ll find plenty of people using it as a way of meeting people on their terms. The best part is that women are empowered to get exactly what they want when they want thanks to this app.

Women are always the ones to make the first move in all straight encounters. Something of that nature simply isn’t something you’re going to find in any other online dating app.

It Came Out Of Nowhere
The success of Whitney Wolfe is amazing when you consider that she originally did not come from a background in app development. She started out as a tote bag saleswoman, but when she saw the potential for the app market she decided to get a job at Hatch Labs It was that job that led to her recent view of online dating. She knew she wanted to do something in this domain and she knew that she wanted her own business. That’s where the idea of Bumble came about. Given the success of the app it seems this was the best decision to make.

A Path Of Success
Whitney Wolfe is a fairly young business leader. You simply don’t see too many 20 somethings making their way in business and they certainly aren’t making millions already like she is. Whitney Wolfe is determined to put her mark on the app world and she wants to do everything she can to make herself stand out. If there’s one thing she’s certainly good at, it’s showing the world exactly what needs to be done and doing everything necessary to give people a chance to make a difference. This is exactly what Bumble is doing for online dating.

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