Arthur Becker Develops in Soho Neighborhood

If you’ve paid attention to the latest real estate news in New York City then you’ll know that tech mogul Arthur Becker is rolling up his sleeves to get his fair share of the work done. Becker has transitioned from working as a stockbroker over a decade ago into one of the true powerhouse real estate developers in the city. Now, Becker is turning his attention to a developmental project in the Soho neighborhood. This new project is bringing together some big developers in the city for what should be a profitable and beautiful new addition to one of the most charming areas in town.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Arthur Becker has made a career out of putting himself in great situations. To really establish a presence in New York Becker made sure to hook himself up with some of the big investment firms in the city. Becker has already worked with Kevin Maloney as well as Michael Sullivan on various development projects, including Billionaires’ Row. Becker is using that knowledge and that experience in order to set himself up for future gigs. Now, Becker is taking aim at a condominium development at 10 Sullivan Street in Soho.

In an article on Huffington Post, the Soho Development is looking like the next big property to be developed in the neighborhood. While Becker has been quiet about the financial amount that he has invested in the property, disclosure forms have shown that Becker has put down nearly $15 million in order to chip in on the development of this project. According to The Real Deal, Becker has invested in more than just dollar signs as he has also put money on the line for townhouses. Becker recently purchased a trio of different townhouses at 30 Sullivan Street, 40 Sullivan Street, and finally 50 Sullivan Street. These townhouses will have been completely built within 90 days of coming into Becker’s ownership. Arthur Becker plans on living in one of them, as well, while selling the other two.

Committing to real estate has been a stroke of genius for Arthur Becker and his business empire. From selling stocks to developing New York City, Becker’s ascent has been incredible to watch.

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