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Jim Tananbaum is a university graduate who attained B.S.E.E and a B.S from Yale University and also went ahead and also graduated from Harvard Medical School and as well Harvard Business School with an MBA. Still, he graduated with an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He as well was able to improve the sector which he was in charge in such as the president of Yale Advisory Council and as well a board member at Harvard-MIT HSR program through with his commitment hence he was able to make himself being recognized.

Jim Tananbaum as a flourishing entrepreneur and has 25 years of experience it enabled him to assist a lot of his customers in whatever they gave him. Foresite Capital is one of the achievements that he devoted himself in attaining because he is the founder of the organization. His main role at the organization is to ensure that the medical sector makes a better option in their financial sector hence they are able to cut losses. According to endpts.com, Chief Architect is another position that he holds at Foresite Capital Investment Organization he mostly administrates the organization daily task with his effective knowledge hence enabling the organization to be successful.

Additionally, he also served as the co-founder of various biopharmaceuticals companies in the world and many other leading medical companies. GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENX) is one of the companies that he established when he graduated from University. According to BusinessWire, the company made a massive profit due to the two drugs that they introduced the amount which the organization made was $80 million but he, later on, sold it at $1.6 billion in the year 1998.

Mostly he ensures that he linked both Theravance Inc and Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) whereby he was also the CEO and the co-founder of Theravance with the main of providing better services to the people. The partnership was a success since they were able to get $3.2 billion, reports pelotontherapeutics.com. His main goal is also to guide upcoming entrepreneurs and investors on the right path on how to be successful and on how to deal with that challenges that one may face while establishing a business.

Ref: https://about.me/jimtananbaum

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