Dr. Scott Rocklage Makes Big Career Strides

Dr. Scott Rocklage has served as 5AM Venture Management’s Managing Partner since 2004. He joined 5AM Ventures as a venture partner in 2003. Between May 11, 2016, and July 25, 2016, Dr. Rocklage served as the Chief Executive Officer of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Previously, he was the Acting Chief President of Amersham Health.

He has over 30 years of experience in healthcare management. His strategic leadership facilitated FDA approval of Teslascan®, Cubicin® and Omniscan™, three U.S. new drug applications. He has served as the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar as well as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also held R&D positions at Catalytica and Salutar.

Dr. Scott Rocklage formerly served as Board Chairman of Novira, recently acquired by J&J, and Relypsa.

He currently serves as Board Chairman of Cidara, Pulmatrix, Epirus, Rennovia, and Kinestral. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/ and http://chemistry.mit.edu/scott-rocklage-phd-2-and-his-wife-patty-are-celebrated-their-major-gift

He attended the University of California to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and earned his Ph.D. from MIT where he worked with Richard R. Schrock, winner of Noble Prize in Chemistry in 2005. He has initiated the invention of more than 30 U.S. patents and publication of over 100 peer-reviewed journals. He currently resides in Boston, MA office.

Dr. Scott Rocklage’s business idea came as a life science-based venture capital firm. His firm, 5AM Ventures focuses on startups. It works with business executives, scientists, and physicians to help them get their business ideas off the ground. 5AM Ventures has helped entrepreneurs transform their ideas into potential remedies for unmet medical needs.

Under Scott Rocklage’s leadership, 5AM Ventures has become a reputable life science company focused on the next generation. It utilizes cutting edge breakthroughs in the world of medicine and science to develop solutions to solve unmet healthcare needs.

Companies operating under 5AM Venture’s umbrella leads in the development of untraditional approaches to find treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions.

The team at 5AM Ventures have extensive legal, entrepreneurial, medical, scientific, and finance backgrounds. Diverse backgrounds help in the management of life science companies. Dr. Rocklage looks forward to helping start-ups bring their business ideas to the market.

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