Securus Technologies Offering Highly Efficient and Economic Investigative Solutions to the Law Enforcement Sector

The world of crime prevention technology has been fast developing, and there are many new technologies being launched now and then. As the world becomes more volatile and criminals use new ways to break laws, it is imperative for the law enforcement agencies to use technology to their advantage to stay a step ahead. One of the companies that have contributed significantly to the advancement of the prison and crime prevention technology in the last decade is Securus Technologies. The company started its operations in the year 1986 and since then has made tremendous progress in the world of inmate communications as well as crime prevention technology.


Securus Technologies has over the years spent over $600 million in research and development and has a dedicated research wing situated in Dallas, Texas. Here, the company continues to research on new technologies that can be introduced in the field of inmate communication and investigative technologies. Few of the services provided presently by Securus Technologies include phone services, video services, money transfer service, kiosks, video visitation, photo sharing services, investigative technologies, parolee tracking service, governmental information management system, and more. Such services play a very crucial role in the law enforcement sector and also helped the inmates to stay connected to their loved ones.


In a press release that was published recently, the company disclosed parts of the many letters and e-mails it received from the many law enforcement officers, who feel that the firm has played a very crucial role in reducing the crime rate in the communities it serves. Many of the law enforcement officers including myself believe that Securus Technologies understand what the law enforcement personnel are looking for regarding safe and secure working environment and provides exactly that through its innovative and efficient technology. I hope Securus Technologies continues to research and develop new and highly effective technologies in the future just as it does now.


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