Ronald Fowlkes is a Law Enforcement Supporter

As a member of the law enforcement community for years, Ronald Fowlkes knows what it is like to be in that position. He supports the law enforcement officials in every way possible and knows it will take a lot of work to help them get the things they need. He has developed different tools and products the officials can use. Through his business, Eagle Products, he is giving these officials the help they need in an environment that can not only be hostile but can be life-threatening at times. Ronald Fowlkes has always been dedicated to those people and he knows they are what makes the world a better place and a safe place for everyday people to live in. For Ronald Fowlkes to help them, he knows he has to give them the products and services that will make things easier on them while they are trying to perform the basic functions of their job.


Ronald Fowlkes started out as a military member. Working for the Marines, he knew what it would take to get where he wanted to be in his career. He also knew there would be other things he would need to do if he was going to continue helping other people out with the issues they faced. He was using the military as a preparation for a career later on in life. While he didn’t know the preparation would be for law enforcement, he did hope it would be beneficial.


After learning about what he could do with law enforcement, Ronald Fowlkes took the plunge and felt the need to dive right into the business world of it. He was the best law enforcement official he could be and that’s what put him into the spirit of working hard to get even higher up the ranks. He eventually became a team leader and helped people understand what they could do while they were working the same law enforcement jobs as he had once done. For Ronald Fowlkes to do this, he had to be prepared to show people what would make a difference in their lives.


As long as Ronald Fowlkes was doing his part to make law enforcement better, he felt he was making a difference. He also had a chance to show people what they would be able to do if they were working with law enforcement officials. Ronald Fowlkes began working in sales so he could be supportive of the law enforcement agencies while also remaining active in the community. He wanted to help them with the issues they were facing and with the experiences they had to continue helping people toward a better future. It is what made law enforcement something that would continue to be a positive part of his career.


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