DACA Is In Trouble

Where citizens rights are concerned, big moves can be seen headed toward the Trump Administration’s desk concerning the DACA program and the phenomenon surrounding its existence. As it stands right now, theDeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program still functions and has a purpose as far as protecting the quality of life and rights of youth immigrants within the United States. But, there is push and pull on both sides of the program that want to see it remain as its current form of institution while others want to see it gradually phase away from the u.s. way of life. As the powers that be gather to stronghold their forces in the resolve to get there way, there is something that can be done at the grassroots level to strengthen this side of the pro program argument. And, the solution for that side is as simple as practicing the all American right of exercising one’s liberties. Although this process may not be as simple as it sounds it can be achieved through careful planning and exact action.


On the side of dismantling DACA, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is at the forefront of a letter addressed to the Trump Administration that somewhat issues an ultimatum of legal action unless DACA is rescinded. He’s not exactly alone in this quest as there are signatures from 9 general attorneys and one other elected official attached to said letter. Meanwhile, the forces for keeping the program afloat have their own plans for reaching their goal which start with a closed-door meeting with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. He’s sympathetic and supportive of the cause which brings the Hispanic caucus into action this political season. And to be perfectly honest, there is good reason why he should feel this blend of emotions and rationale.


At nearly a million strong, the recipients and beneficiaries of the DACA program make great contributions both culturally and nationally through their endeavors. By the very nature of the program itself, only a select members of a community are allowed to apply. But the simple fact is not who all apply do apply themselves to this program, which is not at all to say that they do not apply themselves elsewhere in life. This is where foundations and organizations such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund play critical roles and the sharing of knowledge information and power. It is highly recommended that anyone applying for the DACA program seek organized and authoritative help first from a number of organizations that can assist them.