American Institute of Architects: Building a Stronger Nation

The American Institute of Architects is an American professional organization which monitors professional architects who are practicing in the United States. The organization was formed in 1875, and it is known as one of the oldest organizations in the country. The American Institute of Architects was created when a group of professional architects noticed that the number of people coming into the United States who are pretending to be professional architects is increasing. The team of professional architects decided to meet one day in the city of New York, and they established the American Institute of Architects with the objective of monitoring all the architects in the country and distinguish the ones who are pretending. The group of architects has chosen Richard Upjohn to become the president of the newly formed organization. They gave memberships to those who have finished an Architectural degree, and the news about the organization quickly spread the day after it was established. The American Institute of Architects also chose Washington D.C. to be the location of their headquarters, because of the historical and the political importance of the city.

More than one hundred years later, the American Institute of Architects is still holding on its principles of promoting the profession of architecture to the public and showing their importance to society. In 2011, the organizational board decided to hold an election, looking for the most deserving members to lead the organization. One of the candidates was Robert Ivy, who has been a member of the board since the 1990s. Robert Ivy received his degree in Architecture at the Tulane University, and after graduating from the university, he decided to work in some architectural firms. He also worked as an editor in chief for one of the most popular architectural publications in the world, and he was instrumental in the publication’s success. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, he wishes to unite all of the chapters of the American Institute of Architects, both locally and internationally, so that the network would work in coordination with each other. The number of the members of the American Institute of Architects is now at 90,000, and they are closely monitored by the organization to make sure that everyone is practicing their profession ethically, and that they are behaving well and not causing any problems in society. The American Institute of Architects is also responsible for creating a positive impression among its members, and their advocacy is to show the country that they are capable members of the society. The American Institute of Architects keeps on supporting their members, teaching them how to become successful architects. The American Institute of Architects keeps on inviting professionals to join their ranks and build a stronger nation.

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