Jose Hawilla and The Distinctive Traits and Factors That Form A Successful Businessman

There is more to being a successful businessman than having the charm, the guts, the grit and the friendly personality that gets to land deals. There’s more to leadership than the incredible passion to lead and create a product. Truly, there’s more to business than what most business books tell you. In the article from The Balance, we learn some of these astounding elements and traits that make up an entrepreneur.

The Right Personality Traits

There are many studies that claim what the elements of being a businessman are. There are also counter-studies that debunk these claims. That said, the article from The Balance relayed that not everyone is cut out to become a businessman. It claims that one of the many factors that dictate the success of an entrepreneur is the environment or country that one is in. It is revealed according to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index that being in the United States is a clear advantage for entrepreneurs because it is known to be the number 1 place that’s healthy and conducive to any entrepreneurial activity. The next country that has such support for business in Canada, and then Australia, followed by Denmark, Sweden, and Taiwan. You can visit for more.

Personality Traits

Another set of brilliant factors that The Balance has unraveled is that there are personality traits that should be inherent in a businessman to make sure that Jose has greater chances for business success. These characteristics include the ability to be resilient, openness to change, and motivation from personal or family reasons. It is also revealed that the spectacular entrepreneurs today place a big value on failure, and the more failures one gets, the closer one is to victory. One such businessman today that has a lot of the personality traits of an entrepreneur is Jose Hawilla. Check out his page.

About Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla is a former journalist in radio and print who is right now transitioning to entrepreneurial activities and projects. Hawilla is right now the founder of Traffic, which is a sports marketing company in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, and that has established a brand that shows a tremendous and resplendent promise regarding profit.

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