Roberto Santiago: ‘Working On The Building’

Shopping in Brazil has been taken to a new, revolutionary level via the development of the modern, contemporary shopping mall. Entrepreneur, investor, and businessman Roberto Santiago, the well-known main backer of the Brazilian shopping mall sector, is generally credited for that change. Born in 1968, he is the present owner of the ever-growing Joao Pessoa’s-based Manaira Shopping mall.


The near-famous Manaira Shopping mall is presently said to be one of the very biggest in Paraiba. Santiago and crew broke ground for this noteworthy shopping mall back in 1987. Manaira Shopping opened a couple years later, in 1989. It was said to make many shoppers’ dreams come true.


Santiago is a competitive individual. He’s scored multiple motocross trophies. Following his high school graduation, he headed for the University of Joao Pessoa.

He majored in business administration and took home a bachelor’s degree. He entered the workforce via a job at the once-popular Café Santa Rosa. He also wrote and published blogs on news and entertainment.


His next career move was to found a company that manufactured cartons. Next, he collaborated with other firms to expand his services to provide numerous kinds of materials used for packing. His business would go on to also produce a number of decorative products.


Early on, Santiago made good investments that would bring in enough funding to purchase a plot of land where the Manaira Shopping mall now sits. He was making plans for the Manaira Shopping mall even then. He wanted to make certain that the residents of Joao Pessoa, and perhaps the people who resided in Paraiba, would easily be able to obtain a wide variety of products and services. Santiago was hoping that such a variety of services and products would found a strong customer base. Now Brazil’s Manaira Shopping is nearly world-famous for offering people a significant assortment of comfort, convenience, leisure, entertainment, and fun.


Joao Pessoa has a long-time rep for not only its memorable beaches but also its highly-rated hospitality. This reputation is why Santiago worked hard to put together indoor activities with outdoor activities in the hope of luring both foreign and local people. That’s the reason why the Manaira Shopping mall features the entertainment complex called Domus Hall.


Constructed on the mall’s roof, the complex can handle about 10,000 people. It was officially opened back in 2009. It was created to be family-friendly. The location offers visitors a number of different activities including (but not limited to) ballrooms, video game arcades, bars, movie halls, bowling alleys, restaurants, gymnasiums, and food courts. Visitors of the Manaira Shopping mall can enjoy a real variety of dishes, snacks, and beverages there and Roberto Santiago is reportedly proud.


Roberto Santiago is a household name when it comes to the world of business, he has got a better understanding of how things work in the investment industry and that makes him a standout. Also assignment writing has giving enough to show that he is truly good at what he does. The people of Manaira must be feeling very proud having someone like him in their community.

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