Unsaid Things About Daniel Taub You Never Knew

Daniel Taub is an acclaimed diplomat. He has worked for the Israel foreign ministry, the Israeli Defense Forces as well as the legal fraternity in the country in different positions. Currently, he is the Israeli’s ambassador to the United Kingdom and has served in that position since 2011.

Born in the UK, Daniel was of Israeli descent and schooled there up to university level when he graduated with a law degree. When he finished, his exploring instinct suggested that instead of trying to look for employment or rather, career opportunities in the United Kingdom, he goes back to Israel to look for the same there.

He made the trip and got his first job with the Israeli Defense Forces in the position of combat field medic. As unfamiliar to him as the job was, he was still expected to deliver and exceedingly for that matter. He defied all odds and made the job an enjoyable one to himself and those he treated while in the field. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

While still working as a medic, he was consulting in the same organization as a legal officer. When it was proved without reasonable doubt that he was a performer and knowledgeable in legal matters, he was offered a position to be writing the President’s speech. In this new job, he performed exceedingly well and was requested by the Foreign Ministry to work for them as a legal officer.

While working for the Foreign Ministry, that is where he was truly discovered as a precious gem in matters related to handling and solving legal affairs. He was endowed with many different responsibilities that included acting in diplomat roles sometimes. In most of the times though, he was acting as a senior legal officer and chief negotiator. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/may/08/boycott-israelis-tuc-bigotry and https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli

The epitome of his career happened when he became the country’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. In this role, he was able to bring out his true professional element and make very good inroads towards making Israel one of the most respected and known countries in the globe.

Now that he is about to exit the diplomatic scene, Daniel is confident that he did what needed to be done and to the best of his ability. He says he has no regrets for not having accomplished some things because one cannot accomplish all things at the same time.

Taub is also an acclaimed author and public speaker who travels the globe speaking on different subjects.

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