We Must Reverse The Citizens United Decision

In 2010 the Supreme Court handed down a decision that greatly affected how campaign financing operates in the United States. In the landmark case known as Citizens United v. F.E.C., the court ruled that corporations, unions, and other associations were allowed the same first amendment rights afforded to private citizens where political campaigning is concerned. This opened the door for billionaires and corporations to donate unlimited sums of money which are funneled through Political Action Groups to whichever politicians are willing to do their bidding. This creates an unfair advantage where the ultra-rich have much more political sway than the average citizen. This is a true blow to American democracy.

However, there are still those who fight against the greed that has infiltrated Washington. End Citizens United was founded in 2015 with the express goal of reversing the landmark Supreme Court decision and putting reform back into campaign finance. Currently, under the leadership of Tiffany Muller, they have raised more than $25 million with an average contribution of $14. End Citizens United really is a grassroots-funded organization determined to put candidates into office that will advance their mission of cleaning the special interest money out of Washington for good.

Of course, it is good to know who you’re up against no matter what the challenge and End Citizens United has put together a “Big Money 20” list of some of the biggest beneficiaries (and supporters) of special interest money and keeping campaign finance laws nonexistent. The corporations supporting these special interest groups are made up of the usual suspects: big oil, big pharma, Wall Street, Big Tobacco, banks, etc. Their political purchases are why we need organizations like End Citizens United and the citizens who support them.

With the midterms quickly approaching there probably is no bigger voice in Congress than the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Ryan has shown his stripes since the very beginning by voting against campaign finance reform since the McCain-Feingold bill that would end up being the focal point of the Citizens United case according to politifact.com. Ryan has also voted to increase tax breaks for the wealthy and has accepted millions from shady super PACs like the Congressional Leadership Fund and the American Action Network. In a related move to support his donors, Ryan rammed an ACA repeal-and-replace bill through Congress with no regard for how it would affect his constituents.

Facing off against Ryan in the midterms is candidate in Randy Bryce. Randy is a veteran of the Army, survivor of cancer, and a union ironworker. Randy has seen enough of the political corruption resulting from private interest money pouring into Washington and has vowed to make a difference. It’s people like Randy who truly represent the American ideals of justice and fairness that are missing from D.C.

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