Who is illustrious CEO and Chairman Hussain Sajwani, besides being BFF’s with Donald Trump? Many want to know

Hussain Sajwani, who comes from the seductively addictive desert territory of Dubai, where too much is never enough, has transformed his Development Company into something that has our attention. “I have, we have, succeeded by communicating to the world our significance, we saw the demands, we listened to the desires and we have created a desert oasis. I, personally, get involved with every decision made and I wanted nothing less than extraordinary.” Damac is often associated with swanky, opulent developments and attention-grabbing gestures from Sajwani himself.


When Hussain made the decision to build a golf course he wanted to work with only the best consultants, enter Donald Trump. Hussein spent last New Year’s with the Trump’s and was humbled when President Trump enthusiastically agreed to not only help with one golf course but insisted on helping with many. “We have a lot in common and when Donald used the American phrase, Go Big or Go Home, well you cannot refuse the wisdom of this great man and good friend.”


What many people aren’t focused on was the recognition Hussain received for his altruistic and unwavering resolve to provide food to the United States army during operation Desert Storm. He humbly appreciated the accolades and awards however, with a dismissive wave he will say “It was not even a question of whether or not I would help these soldiers, it was more of a question of would it be enough.” His company has provided food and supplies to American soldiers who have served in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf.


The 57 year old might be young compared to most of the heavy hitters out there but that has only fueled his desire to step up and maintain his formidable can-do attitude. He recently told NBC News, who complimented him on his friendship with the emir of Dubai as well as other Trump business associates “I realize that I am the young one at the table, but I bring a lot of experience and hard work. And yes, yes I am happy to have a welcoming seat at the table.”


The DAMAC owner has had an extensive, focused career leading up to his current role at DAMAC Properties. In the early 1980’s he dove into the food business and supplied catering services to employees in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. It was during this time period that he decided to expand and supply, for free, food for American armed forces. “My food company was making millions and I saw the needs of these men and women and knew that I would be able to help. It was a great honor to be in a position to do this.”


What is next for this hard working, philanthropic, tireless 57 year old billionaire? He sits back and smiles and simply replies “I am young and strong. I have many many ideas and projects and I have surrounded myself with a team of visionary’s and great, innovative thinkers. We will continue to surprise you all. Just wait. “


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