Enhanced Athlete Defends Lawsuit Against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete, a Sacramento-based fitness company has managed to defend themselves against Nutrition Distribution’s lawsuit against them. Enhanced Athlete managed to appeal to a judge residing in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California to reject Nutrition Distribution’s motion for an injunction. The lawsuit claimed that because the two parties were competing in the same market, Enhanced Athlete’s manner in which they carried themselves affected everyone in the industry as a whole. Nutrition Distribution further stated that Enhanced Athlete falsely advertised their products and thereby created a stigma of inaccuracy amongst their industry’s consumers. The Plaintiff expounded on the claim by stating that the air of inaccuracy had permeated through the industry and resulted in a loss of revenue for Nutrition Distribution.


The Defendant rebutted the accusation and claimed that Nutrition Distribution was unable to provide proof of lost revenue. When the Plaintiff was confronted with the matter, they were unable to sufficiently provide the court with proper evidence of lost revenue. As a result, the Court could only agree with Enhanced Athlete’s argument due to the fact that the Plaintiff could not present a causal connection between the Defendant’s advertising and the Plaintiff’s decrease in sales. Also, it was noted that in addition to the Plaintiff not being able to illustrate a causal connection, they were unable to convince the court of even a speculative connection between their loss of revenue and Enhanced Athlete’s marketing strategy.


Further insight into the matter revealed that Enhanced Athlete wasn’t the only company which Nutrition Distribution attempted to sue. More than 70 lawsuits and hundreds of cease and desist letters were filed by Nutrition Distribution against other fitness companies with the same premise as Nutrition Distribution, LLC v. Enhanced Athlete, Inc. et al.


Enhanced Athlete is a fitness company that has products catering to health-minded individuals. They are a brand which distributes and manufactures their own products. In addition to Enhanced Athlete, there exist two sister companies by the name of Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Coaching is a part of the Enhanced brand that specializes in fitness plans. Their plans cover aspects from meal prep to gym workouts. On the other hand, Enhanced gear provides clothing and other types of gym equipment.

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