Drew Madden: The Savior of Small-Box Health Companies

Amazon Steps Into the Medical Industry

When you think of Amazon, chances are pretty good that medical technology and drugs don’t come to mind. Well, if that’s the case, then get ready to temper your expectations once more: The colossus is out to claim its stake in a new territory, and despite CVS biting harder than its bark here, Amazon has no plans to step down. In fact, if anything, they’re attempting to advance even further.

Not too long ago, the net retailer decided the fruit was ripe and the time was fresh to capture a few license agreements that would permit the selling of pharmaceutical goods — equipment, that is. They’re not able to sell the actual drugs just yet; that requires a different license that they’re still moving towards. For now, CVS and their ilk still hold the predominant chunk of the pie chart with their inbuilt pharmacies, white-coated staff and limited health care provisions such as flu shots.

However, CVS hatched a plan to keep Amazon at bay.

CVS Fires Back

Aetna is one of the largest providers of health insurance around. Incidentally, CVS doesn’t provide health insurance, but they do have the power to acquire companies and fuse their services together. That’s exactly what CVS might do if they decide to move forward with with Aetna merger, which will turn every CVS store into a one-stop shop for pharmaceutical goods, prescription medications and health care services. This, of course, is a service that Amazon isn’t nearly equipped to handle, and this is the blind spot that the brick-and-mortar company is trying to leverage.

Drew Madden Could Save CVS and Similar Companies

If CVS hopes to make this acquisition a success, they’ll need the tech to pull it off. It’s a two-part process that involves adjustments to both software and hardware, and there’s currently one personality in the medical IT sector who can do it best: Drew Madden. Drew is an inveterate entrepreneur and executive whose IT solutions have uplifted companies from the brink, and he can surely equip CVS with the resources they need to fight Amazon in the medical field.