Roseann Bennett Shares Her Story As A Therapist

Roseann Bennett, a seasoned blogger on women at work and Mental Health Topics, is a well-known figure in the field of marriage and family therapy. She has over ten years of experience, working as an in-home house therapist. She has been of great help to a considerably high number of people ranging from adolescents to adults. In her career as a therapist, she has helped such people in solving many life problems, giving lasting solutions in family therapy and case management.


The dawn of 2010 marked yet another step to reach out to more people as she founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment, an agency that has helped hundreds of families through their struggles in life. This agency that serves as a charitable organization, has greatly advocated for vulnerable and marginalized families.


Roseann Bennett loves her course of action so much that each morning she wakes up, she feels thrilled to log into her site and offer solutions to the clients who never miss being on the platform. Those in need of services are so many that she is busy all through. Being responsible for the overall direction, leadership, and coordination of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, she becomes a daily active player who ensures the development of programs that best suit the populations served. She also prepares the budget for the agency and remains accountable for the funds used. The better part of her day is, however, dedicated to serving marriage and therapy clients. Visit This Page for more information about her interview on


Based on her problem-solving tips, Roseann Bennett attests that passion overrides everything. She believes that an executable and workable solution does not merely come from the logical analysis of a problem. She advocates that one should not just settle on the idea only by virtue that it makes sense. Instead, its ability to survive must be considered to the utmost.


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