Why Sussex Healthcare Chose Amanda Morgan-Taylor To Be CEO

Recently, Sussex Healthcare appointed a new CEO for the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. It was an exciting announcement for the group at the end of 2017, but she didn’t step into her new role until the first of the year in 2018. Prior to stepping into the role as CEO, Ms. Morgan-Taylor was proactive in discussing new plans with the management team at each branch of Sussex Healthcare. She also focused on spending time learning more about what the residents needs, and making it a point to learn more about the unique culture.

One of the first things the new Chief Executive Officer did, was create a position that would oversee compliance, as well as ensure that care is given with the highest quality. Meeting each and every location, the staff could clearly see her commitment to not only her work, but to the residents and employees. Listening to the concerns of residents and their families made them feel important and cared for. Employees were also given time with their new CEO, for her to listen to their concerns and answers their questions. Gathering all of this information, her goal is to enhance their care plans, as well as to customize them according to each patient’s needs. It is rare to hear of a CEO taking the time to listen to the concerns of others and utilizing it to make things better.

Ms. Morgan-Taylor has worked in health care and social care for more than 30 years. Her background has given her the valuable experience she needs to run the facility as well as to take care of people. Relationships between care providers and residents is important, and keeping that relationship open for conversation and concern is a great way for improving not only patient care, but it also solidifies the beliefs of family members in that they will have much more faith in the facility as a whole at Sussex Healthcare.

Her ability to address operational issues, and the daily management challenges that any home would provide, can improve the outlook of Sussex Healthcare, as well as their future for taking on more residents and creating more jobs in the U.K.

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