Robert Ivy receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, the CEO and Executive VP of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), has been presented with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, or MIAL.

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is only earned by living artists and Patrons. They are required to have a lifetime of supporting the arts or creating it. Nancy LaForge, “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy.” She is the president of MIAL

A few other notable artists, that also received the Lifetime Achievement Award are Walter Anderson, an artist, Leontyne Price, an artist, and Eudora Welty a writer.

Previously, Robert was the Editor in Chief for Architectural Record, a McGraw-Hill publication.. While there, he led a design and construction campaign for Architectural Record. It was interpreted into Mandarin during its popularity growth in China. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

Alpha Rho Chi, a national fraternity of architects, honored Robert Ivy for his effective communication of the value of design. He earned the Master Architect designation. Ivy is only one of seven people to ever achieve this distinction.

Robert also wrote a biography titled “Fay Jones: Architect”. It was cited by the Art Library Society of N. America, for it’s scholarship, design and production standards.

Before becoming an architect Ivy was an officer in the Navy. He earned an undergraduate degree from Sewanee in English. Then, his graduate degree in architecture from Tulane University, making him a Master Architect.

On June 2, Robert Ivy was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, alongside Andrew Cary Young, a stained glass designer. Other than Lifetime Achievement Awards, MIAL also recognizes individuals in specific fields A partial list includes Barry Hannah, Walker Percy and Ellen Gilchrist. MIAL is a non-profit organization and is privately funded. Follow:


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