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Jason Hope is a philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur, and futurist. He has a passion for technology and is giving back to his community. He graduated with a degree in finance from the Arizona State University. Jason Hope also attended the W.P Carey School of Business where he graduated with an MBA degree. Jason Hope started a mobile communication company, and he focusses on investing in startups biotechnology and philanthropy. Most of the time he mentors high school students in Scottsdale and develops grants for entrepreneurs. He also has an interest in politics in Arizona and the nation at large. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

The internet of Things now forms a large part of today’s activities. The connection of objects to the internet has changed the way everything operates. For instance, the Bluetooth Beacon technology enables objects to communicate with each other and with people. A beacon normally gathers and transmits information. The Internet of Things has a wide implication on the airline industry, and many executives are now paying more attention to it. Most airlines have set aside large budgets to implement projects on the Internet of things. Almost 58% of companies are planning to implement IoT projects in the next three years. It is projected that the Internet of Things is going to give airlines a whole new experience.

Jason Hope shared areas in which the internet of Things is improving the airlines. Looking at the Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787, he notes that all the planes are connected to a wireless network. It has been easier to analyze and collect real-time data. It has been easier than ever to track and automatically carry out scheduled maintenance. This has given travelers peace of mind.

The airlines are now using the Internet of Things to improve security and rectify unpredictable ticket prices. Nowadays the check-in has been made easier than ever. Boarding passes are now issued via email. Beacon has been acting as a personal guide through a passenger’s journey. This technology has also enabled airlines to develop seat sensors for monitoring passenger enjoyment. They are used to detect low hydration level, fatigue, and uncomfortable temperatures. Cabin crews can make corrections easily and quickly.

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