EOS Products: New Lip Balm Reviews!

The three varieties that the reviewer discovered as new options from EOS at her local store included Tropical Mango Organic EOS Lip Balm, the Organic Pure and Free Flavor-free Smooth Sticks, and the Weightless Crystal Melon Hydration EOS Lip Balm. Out of the three that the reviewer tried on this video, she was a fan of all three; however, the Weightless Crystal Melon Hydration variety was the winner for her.

The reviewer particularly enjoyed the realistic, sweet tropical mango scent. She actually compared it to a mango Italian Ice. When describing the feel of the balm, she cited that it was a lightweight formula which was easily applied. Overall she was quite pleased with the Tropical Mango Organic Lip Balm.

The next lip product from EOS that the reviewer tried was both flavor free and scent free. This product is known as the Organic Pure and Free Flavor-free Smooth Sticks. This EOS product seemed distinctly different in that it deviated from the well-known EOS signature shape to emulate a traditional stick gloss shape. She described it as having a thin, slippery consistency with a nice feeling which would be perfect for those who are not able to wear scented or flavored varieties.

The Weightless Crystal Melon Hydration EOS Lip Balm seemed to be the smoothest of the three different selections that she reviewed. The reviewer gave this particular product a 10 out of 10 as it was her favorite of the EOS products that she chose to review on this specific video. She seemed to have been getting a fruity or watermelon lemonade scent from the balm. She noted that the packaging was more of a 3-D version tending toward triangular shaping as opposed to the curvature of the traditional EOS packaging.

The reviewer seemed pleased with the variety of packaging now offered by EOS. She noted that she has an entire collection of EOS products and is happy to add the new items to her daily wear options.