Robert Ivy A Man with Great Communication Skills

Since he started his career as the principal-dean/Ivy publications in 1981, Robert Ivy has been a hallmark of success. Regarding achievements and awards, he is one of the most shining Editors, Publisher, and practicing architect. The graduate in Bachelors of Arts in English and masters in architecture, Robert Ivy combines linguistic background and unique experience in architecture to inform his audience on architectural designs. Through superb communication skills, Robert Ivy has researched, edited, and, authored many architectural publications. Also, the energy Ivy puts in studying and coming up with great publications he does not hesitate to critic any architectural design that lacks the required taste. Find out more about Robert Ivy at Archinect

The master editor, Robert Ivy, has been in a position of Editor in Chief for a long time, and as in charge of supervising other publishers and editing articles, his, record is superb. During his tenure, in, Architectural records, the organization received honors through his creativity and skills. Architectural records grew to great heights under his leadership eventually becoming the most mostly read architectural journal. Further, the editorial received several prestigious honors such as the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, the Premier Magazine Journalism Award and many others.

His effective communication skills prompted the National Architecture Fraternity to vote him as the Master Architect in March 2010 unanimously. Ivy’s communication of architectural designs is impressive in all aspects and, this honor is a testimony of his quality. Architectural design communication needs a lot of concentration because of the inner details required for the audience to substantiate the uniqueness of each design for their consumption. However, Robert Ivy has been publishing beautiful architectural work with little or, no struggle.

Robert Ivy recent nomination as the first ever Architect to receive Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award asserts his boldness and communication skills not only in publications but equally in the leadership position.

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