There is no doubt that Hurricane Harvey was devastating to the Dallas area. Recently, featured a company by the name of Stream Energy for not only stepping up and helping with the recovery effort after Harvey but for the work they do in the Dallas area to help others year around. Stream Energy is a direct selling company that offers energy, wireless, and protective services to their customers.

Stream Energy is also known for helping out their neighbors in any way they can. They have even created a philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares. When Harvey came through and caused devastating floods and other damage, Stream was one of the first companies to take their own money and help out the community and their customers. However, they do so much more for Texas and other places throughout the country.

Even though it is a relatively new concept for a business to form their own charity, At Stream giving back is a big part of who they are. It is more than just the leadership providing funds. It is the associates that give their own time to get involved. One such cause is the homeless problem in the Dallas area.

The company actually tracks the numbers to help them to determine when more help is needed. Through Steam Cares they not only just donate supplies to places such as the Red Cross or build homes through Habitat For Humanity, but they can also bring joy. They were able to provide a day out at a water park for more than 1,000 homeless children in Dallas. Most of them had never been to a water park.

Getting out to meet the people that they help is important too. Employees volunteer to give rides to veterans and their families to enjoy a dinner out. They also arranged for an American Doll party for the daughters’ of the veterans. This company prides themselves as having a big heart and will continue to give through Steam Cares.

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