James Capital and V

The James River capital, commonly known as James River, corporation was founded by Paul Saunders 1986. During the time the corporation was more of an alternative investment unit for the department of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. James River capital became public in ’95, when the founders and senior officers, Paul Saunders and Kelvin Brandt, bought it from Kidder. It was then registered as a commodity pool operator and a commodity trading advisor with the CTFC and also investment advisor registered with SEC. By 2018 July, the corporation had, under its management, over 570 million US dollars. Currently, the corporation is located in Richmond, Virginia where it offers capital advice, commodity trading, investments management advice and other related devices to the United States, where it operates. The corporation uses it’s website to in the pursuit of creating a highly productive workforce. Below are some of the Corporations best advice.

On changing the leadership within a firm, the corporation found out that, most companies have conducted research to find out the most productive form of leadership in a firm. Based on that research, the following are the three key characteristics of the best leadership strategy.

Leading through support. For a firm to achieve total quality in management of its daily activities, the employees need to feel empowered and not lead. They need to have the motivation to do their part without waiting for an order or a supervisor lurking about. Supporting your team eases communication which improves interactions between the head of the department and the staff. Organizations like Facebook have shown how effective this style of leadership can be. Instead of leading your staff supports them, work by their side and then by yours.

Secondly, always encourage your staff and welcome escalation. The research showed that almost all employees or staff withhold crucial information and feedback from their bosses due to lack of courage or support. Though this factor seems harmless, lack of proper information can confuse the clients while at the same time give the bosses confidence in doing the wrong thing. The reason for most companies shutting their doors is losing customers due to lack of communication. This also kills innovation within the firm, some executives will outsource something that they can get within their firm due to this factor. This also makes it easier for employees to live with their breath held and “abandon ship” without a second thought when there is a chance. Learn more: https://www.cbinsights.com/investor/james-river-capital

The third characteristic is valuing everyone’s opinion. Once the first two characteristics are implemented and the employees are communicating with their superiors, it’s now the superiors turn to listen to everyone and work on it. In simple terms, this is called employees’ involvement. It creates the atmosphere of a family and devolves “ownership” to the lowest member of staff. If the employees feel valued and wanted they will live and die with the business since they are to some extent “owners”.


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