Rocketship Education Helping Low-Income Families Access Free Education Services

It is every parent’s dream to give the very best foundation to their children especially when it comes to education. Recent times and hardship have made education expensive and out of reach especially for low-income families. Rocketship education which is an institution of schools spread across the United States seeks to correct this gap that exists between the haves and the have-nots. They do this by providing free quality education to the children of low-income families and those that have English as their second language. It commenced operations in the year 2006, and its headquarters is based in San Jose, California.

Rocketship education is categorized under prep K-5 charter schools as well as public K-5 College and has a chain of branches countrywide. It goes further than that in that its model fuses teacher based educational approaches with that of technologically based tools. In doing so, it ensures that it provides a personalized method to every student as well as providing the right content at the needed time and using the proper methodology to give instructions. It also offers access to parents and engages them in helping with the learning of their children. By doing this, it ensures that the community, parents as well as the children grow together in harmony and act as advocates for each other.

In addition, an estimated ninety percent of the students are provided for free lunch. The schools also accommodate diversity as seventy-five percent of the students do not have English as their native language. Its motto recognizes that the journey towards achieving a college education for every child has its beginning at kindergarten. With that goal in mind, the school gives importance to the foundation that it provides to its students. Involving everybody in the society ensures that the children in those schools witness a community that fully backs one another. Rocketship education while closing the gap of achievement that exists also brings people closer and moves them in one direction that emphasizes the importance of unity. Being a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution promotes transparency and access to equal if not better education that should be a right to every child.