Paul Herdsman Contributes To Business Solutions


Paul Herdsman is dedicated to corporate business solutions that target employee value. With his firm, NICE Global, based in Montego Bay Jamaica, Paul Herdsman brings business startup valuation experience to corporate business solutions. Customer retention, cost-effectiveness, technical support, and return on investment (ROI) figure heavily in NICE Global strategies.

NICE Global expertise targets specific corporate value from the employee up to CEO. Outsourcing and after-hours service strategies maximize labor output. Corporate marketing and branding services are applied. The value from live, in-person customer support outweighs call center wait time or inside customer service lag for problem solutions. Herdsman likes direct and responsive service, and advocates similar corporate strategy.

Business solution strategy places value on the employee: their retention, happiness, productivity and support from management. NICE Global applies this employee strategy to the prospective client. Best practice labor is enhanced. Fewer sick days or time out of office is realized. Refer to This Article on IdeaMensch to learn more about Herdsman.

Labor support rather than rote instruction is advanced. And, by targeting corporations at the ground level, company-wide efficiencies are accelerated. Personal and professional growth are hand-in-hand. One benefits the other for overall implementation of best practices.

Herdsman advocates quality on-boarding for corporate employees as well. The initial training drives the employee performance across the labor lifecycle. His firm audits each customer division with any eye to improving efficiencies as well as minimizing overhead. Goal: cost-effectiveness and return on investment. “Focus on what will drive that upward momentum, not on creating ‘busy’ work”, states Paul Herdsman. He has created an employee referral program requiring background checks, and phone and physical interviews.


Prospective clients may visit the NICE Global website on , and explore business solutions customized to their specialty niche.


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