JD.com Initiatives Of Improving The Business



JD.com is recognized as the largest online-based retailer in China. It has set the standards for e-commerce business by focusing on availing quality and authentic products ranging from apparel, food, cosmetics, among others. Jingdong success is also as a result of some of the technology initiatives it has undertaken of improving its competitiveness and of enhancing its efficiency


The company has opened a research lab on Blockchain Technologies in collaboration with two computing institutions, one in China and another in New Jersey. The research lab shall create a solution to the existing bottleneck of inefficiency and instability that are affecting the application of block chains by the company and other industries


Jingdong is the pioneer of the application of Blockchain Technology. The company is interested in exploring its potential furthers through the blockchain investment. It is the reason JD is creating research partnerships with reputable institutions. Jingdong hopes for the development of a cutting-edge technology that could also be employed in other industries.


Recently, JD.com implemented another technological initiative to improve its efficiency and sales levels. It was in collaboration with D.Phone, which is an offline cell phone company. The offline brands were providing coupons and even discounts to online users during Singles Day, which is known as the holiday that creates the largest number of shoppers in China and other parts of the world.


The initiative boosted the number of offline visits to various JD.com retailers. The strategy was effective since it boosted the sales growth of D.Phone by approximately 30%. It is an illustration that Jingdong is not only benefiting the customers but also the retailers. It also indicated that the company can help offline retailers regain their popularity in the current market when online shopping has become popular. Go To This Page for additional information.


JD.com use of technology to improve its services and competitive edge is among the reasons for being awarded the Top End User Award. The company has leveraged technology to enhance the shoppers’ experience. JD.com processes large amounts of information using the Kubernetes system to ensure that shoppers can access all the information they need and at high speeds. The Kubernetes clusters are responsible for supporting the company’s big data and the artificial intelligence applications.


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