Roseann Bennett And Her Personal Contributions Towards Restoring Mental Health


Roseann Bennett is a New Jersey affiliated family and marriage therapist who is currently under works to find and apply new therapeutic alternatives to help treat the mental health of her clients. With a service record that includes over 10 years of professional experience in assisting people with a variety of backgrounds and issues, it can be concluded that Roseann Bennett has gained the expertise in knowing how to effectively treat the psychological needs of individuals via a multitude of clinical techniques. Upon receiving her EdS and MA in family and marital therapeutic studies from Seton Hall University, Bennett began her work within the field as an in-home therapist for Contextual Family Services and Cambridge Behavioral Health whereby she assisted in the counseling of numerous adolescents with various treatment planning and crisis intervention approaches.


After working as an in-home family therapist for several years, Roseann Bennett took on the attitude and the belief that she could assist many others if she simply created and ran her own program. Therefore, upon the innate desire to help those who didn’t have the emotional support or financial means to help themselves, Roseann Bennett and her husband Todd founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment in Hackettstown, NJ. The center is a charitable organization that provides a range of counseling and psychological programs in efforts to treat the mental health of even the most excluded members of communities. Moreover, as the Co-founder, Executive Director, and sole financial contributor to the organization, Roseann Bennett has total control in developing and incorporating the programs that she sees best fit for the effective operations of her organization.


In addition to her current lists of programs, Bennett began utilizing a new approach that is commonly known as “Canine Assisted Therapy”. This method of therapy was recognized by Bennett as having positive potential in the daily treatment of her clients upon witnessing the improvement in behavior in autistic children whom she counseled after they shared visitations from dogs. Refer to This Article to learn more.


According to Bennett’s observation and the scientific research that shows that there is indeed a symbiotic relationship between humans and canines, she genuinely believes that this new alternative will prove to be most beneficial to many clients at her center. Today, Bennett is actively pursuing all measures to enable her treatment canine “Jack” to become a Certified Therapy Dog to have the licensure to service her patients at the center.



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