Stream Energy, one of the largest energy providers in the state of Texas was amongst the first to bring aid to those affected by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. While other companies watched from afar only Stream Energy in conjunction with their charitable organization “Stream Cares” was placing boots on the ground to bring people basic needs such as toiletries, blankets, and food.

For Stream Energy the work of philanthropy has been a part of the company culture for years, in fact, Stream’s move to create a separate branch of their company that focuses solely on community outreach was amongst the first of its kind. Although corporations across the country donated over $19 billion in 2016, many of those funds where solely allocated through checks and support for other organizations. Now the commitment to form a philanthropic branch of their company does come with a few perks, in fact, many executives are seeing the increased benefit of building a buffer zone through charitable giving. These buffer zones allow companies to maintain their brand loyalty in the case that an internal scandal rocks the company.

Stream Energy, however, maintains an advantage through their unique business model. The way it works is that employees are tasked with the challenge of creating multiple networking groups in order to offer them fixed rate energy plans. It is through these interactions and relationship building that employees and members of the community create strong relationships with each other. Many of these associates eventually begin to donate their time to causes that aid their community. For example, many in the Dallas-based Stream company are very passionate about tackling the homeless children crisis within the city. Year after year they team up and work to provide these children with basic necessities and even a day at a waterpark. There is no doubt that Stream Cares has created a new phenomenon and has innovated how charity is done.

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