Isabel dos Santos Tells Europe that Africa is Going Digital

Isabel dos Santos is an accomplished Russian-Angolan business lady. Born in 1973, Isabel is one of Africa’s richest women with a net worth of about $2 billion. She is the eldest child of former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Actually, she is the first African billionaire woman.

The richest lady in Africa was named by BBC as one of the most influential women worldwide. Isabel dos Santos has hit headlines before for advocating for countries in Africa to become digital. She told a European parliament that Africa has to become digital. She sat in the conference as a prominent personality in the digital space owing to her position as a Chairperson of Angolan mobile operator.

She told delegates at Africa Summit 2019 that Africa’s digital space is advancing greatly. Isabel said that digital revolution is taking shape. According to her, more sales and transactions are being made through e-commerce reducing the need for traditional stores.

Isabel has held prestigious positions in a number of companies that are listed on European stock exchanges. She has been consistent in her investment efforts starting from when she set up a trucking business. She also made an entrance into the telecommunication sector through her investments in walkie-talkie business. In 1997, she started Miami Beach Club, one of pioneer clubs as well as beach restaurants on the Luanda Island. Over the past 20 years, she has expanded her business scope in Angola and beyond. She has made significant investments in high-profile companies abroad, majorly, Portugal.

Isabel dos Santos is on a path to promote economic development and growth in Africa with her latest effort to pitch the technological status of Africa to the Africa Summit 2019 as well as European Parliament. She said in the summit that Africa still faces challenges of fast population growth as well as the African megacities. Safe, comfortable as well as public transportation is still a problem in many African cities. Moreover, Isabel dos Santos advocated for technology application as well as urban planning to improve quality of life as well as build smart cities for Africans while optimizing costs.

Isabel dos Santos rallied for support to implement proper planning, to develop cities favorable for people to live, having good public transport systems where technology contributes to quality of life improvement.

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