Rebel Wilson Receives An Interesting Proposal From Miley Cyrus

Rebel Wilson recently Tweeted that she has never been on a date on Valentine’s Day, and this got the attention of Miley Cyrus, who is married to Liam Hemsworth. Wilson was helping to promote her new movie “Isn’t It Romantic,” when Cyrus saw her message and decided to respond by inviting Wilson to be a part of a “throuple.”

Wilson responded to the message with koala and heart emojis, and this all took place after Cyrus tied the knot with Hemsworth in December of 2018. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met while filming “The Last Song” and have posted many shots of their wedding day. There were also rumours floating around that Cyrus was pregnant, but she squashed those pretty quickly by saying they were not true.

Liam Hemsworth co-stars in “Isn’t It Romantic” with Rebel Wilson, who admits that she was more timid as a younger girl. She decided to face her social difficulties head-on by joining a debate club in high school. She eventually became involved in a drama class in high school and did very well.

The school she went to during that time was a Christian high school, and she was encouraged to pursue her career there. Wilson has commented that she feels lucky to be alive during a time when girls can go after their dreams and work in a career of their choice.

Rebel Wilson worked with Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program when she was 17. She took a trip to South Africa and contracted malaria while there. During her malaria episode, she hallucinated and reported having a dream about winning an Oscar.

She decided to come back to Australia later and join the Australian Theater for Young People at the University of New South Wales. She soon realized that she could get a lot of laughs due to being overweight and came up with the plan to use that during her acting career.


Rebel Wilson eventually made the move to the United States after starring in movies like “Bogan Pride” and “Pizza.” While she has worked in the U.S. for all of these years, now, she has never become a citizen of the country.

She has been able to draw on her unique look and personality to find success in Hollywood and finally experienced her breakout role in “Bridesmaids” as a roommate to Kristen Wiig’s character.

Rebel Wilson has also found success outside of Hollywood and the movie industry, where she decided to startup her own clothing line. She partnered with Torrid to create a plus-size brand, which has uncovered her abilities to design clothes. She admits that she has always been a person to not conform to others’ ideas, and she hopes to inspire other girls and women to do the same.

While she has found a lot of success in the world of entertainment and media, Rebel Wilson feels like she is the same dorky girl she has always been. She also finds time to support younger people in Africa at the Tanzanian school and continues to fund scholarships in Australia for younger individuals.

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