Malcolm CasSelle: Changing the World of Online Gaming

Malcolm CasSelle is an online gaming enthusiast who is credited with creating the WAX platform. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, taking up a degree in Computer Science. After he graduated from the institute, he started looking for jobs that would help him improve his skills in computer programming. He worked with several tech companies, spending several honing his knowledge of computers and programming. As an avid online gamer, he realized that the industry should step up its game regarding those who are scamming the players. He created the WAX platform to ensure that the players would have a secure space for playing and trading with other people. Other developers soon adopted the WAX platform, and it became one of the standards for online gaming today.

The WAX platform uses blockchain technology to ensure that all in-game transactions are secure. There are instances in the past wherein a scammer would ask a player for an item, and once the trade goes through, the player would never receive the item that he or she wished for. Other times, what happens is that the scammer would try to make some money off players who do not have any idea who they are dealing with. The persistent problems brought by fraudulent transactions resulted in the decline in the number of online players. However, with the introduction of the WAX platform, the players’ confidence in the security in the virtual world started to come back. Many players stated that they feel safer now that the blockchain technology is being used.

Malcolm CasSelle stated that the blockchain technology could detect fraudulent transactions based on the data stored within the system. He added that those who are practicing these kinds of transactions could be traced down, making it more difficult for them to scam other players. Malcolm CasSelle felt delighted knowing that his creation has become a staple for other game developers. Malcolm CasSelle also added that the WAX platform would still go under several improvements, and he is hoping to introduce a much better system for playing games online in the years to come.

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