A Click Away: ClassDojo

In this day and age computers and internet-linked devices have become the norm instead of the exception. Now it is more important than ever for parents to stay in the loop when it comes to their child and learning in the classroom. One such app has been doing this since it was founded and now it is really catching on all over the world. The app is called ClassDojo and here is a little more on how it works.

 ClassDojo is an app that teachers and parents can use to keep an eye on what the student is learning in school. Students can earn points for good things and have them taken away if they do something incorrectly. Students can also be rewarded for certain traits in the classroom like determination and figuring out a difficult problem. It is also useful for teachers and parents as well.

Teachers can use ClassDojo to help them get things organized for the day. Now they can use the app to put students into groups and work on assignments together. It can be used to help students collect more points. Teachers can also send the assignment to parents so they know what their child is working on during the school day.

 ClassDojo can also be used to showcase what the student has learned. If they did well on an assignment they can post it to their stories page and take pride in accomplishments that are achieved in school. It makes it more fun for the student.

ClassDojo has been an innovator when it comes to learning in school. Parents are also kept in the loop and make sure that the student gets the work done. It makes the effort of learning in the classroom all the more worthwhile for everyone that is crucially involved.

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