Alejandro Betancourt Boosts Sales and Expansion through Expert Investment

In 2013, some friends decided to form Hawkers, an American eyewear firm, and only had about 300 for their initial capital. They decided to sell sunglasses to generate income that would finance their more tech-versed business plan. The success, however, was significant, and the team soon shifted the side hustle into their core business.

In 2016 alone, the businesses sold more than 60 million units, with around $54 million in sales coming from their social media platforms. The group attained such success with guidance and investment from Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a forward-thinking entrepreneur. Alejandro Betancourt helped Hawkers overcome its earlier stumbling blocks that might have shut down the business by injecting significant investment into the firm. Started by four Spain-based entrepreneurs, the space would have acted as a hub where people could find their needed resources.

However, the initial efforts became stalled by inadequate funds. This challenge prompted the friends to seek out alternative revenue sources. They bought and sold sunglasses and were immediately impressed by their profits. The incident made the founders focus on the fashion eyewear accessory, shifting from their original direction.

Known across the financial world for his successful run in O’Hara Administration, Hawker’s founders felt he would counter their issues while enhancing production. After joining them, Alejandro Betancourt crafted a viable marketing strategy that helped boost sunglass sales for the California firm. Since his entry, the corporation has sold many millions of products globally, establishing brick-and-mortar stores worldwide.

They currently have a loyal client base in about fifty countries globally. The firm now has a large market share in the eyewear sector globally, raking in over $100 million in revenues annually.

Background Information

Today, the American-based firm has marked its presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Noticing its potential earlier on, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had already begun using these sites to boost sales for the company, securing a large following and client base. Refer to this page for additional information