Campaign Finance

We Must Reverse The Citizens United Decision

In 2010 the Supreme Court handed down a decision that greatly affected how campaign financing operates in the United States. In the landmark case known as Citizens United v. F.E.C., the court ruled that corporations, unions, and other associations were allowed the same first amendment rights afforded to private citizens …


Unsaid Things About Daniel Taub You Never Knew

Daniel Taub is an acclaimed diplomat. He has worked for the Israel foreign ministry, the Israeli Defense Forces as well as the legal fraternity in the country in different positions. Currently, he is the Israeli’s ambassador to the United Kingdom and has served in that position since 2011. Born in …


Roberto Santiago: ‘Working On The Building’

Shopping in Brazil has been taken to a new, revolutionary level via the development of the modern, contemporary shopping mall. Entrepreneur, investor, and businessman Roberto Santiago, the well-known main backer of the Brazilian shopping mall sector, is generally credited for that change. Born in 1968, he is the present owner …


Jose Hawilla and The Distinctive Traits and Factors That Form A Successful Businessman

There is more to being a successful businessman than having the charm, the guts, the grit and the friendly personality that gets to land deals. There’s more to leadership than the incredible passion to lead and create a product. Truly, there’s more to business than what most business books tell …


The Accomplishments Of Robert Ivy, AIA President

Robert Ivy is an experienced architect who is taking the industry by storm.Currently, Robert is serving as the executive vice president and chief executive officer of a professional group that is called American Institutive of Architects. The businessman has been holding this position since 2011, and he has been dedicated …


American Institute of Architects: Building a Stronger Nation

The American Institute of Architects is an American professional organization which monitors professional architects who are practicing in the United States. The organization was formed in 1875, and it is known as one of the oldest organizations in the country. The American Institute of Architects was created when a group …


DACA Is In Trouble

Where citizens rights are concerned, big moves can be seen headed toward the Trump Administration’s desk concerning the DACA program and the phenomenon surrounding its existence. As it stands right now, theDeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program still functions and has a purpose as far as protecting the quality of …


Jeremy Goldstein offering up knockout options

As companies continue to no longer provide employees stock based compensation, Jeremy Goldstein is offering them alternatives to share based stock. Companies are claiming they are stopping in order to save money. Others are doing it for far more complex reasons. There are three issues that have convinced companies to …


Ronald Fowlkes is a Law Enforcement Supporter

As a member of the law enforcement community for years, Ronald Fowlkes knows what it is like to be in that position. He supports the law enforcement officials in every way possible and knows it will take a lot of work to help them get the things they need. He …

HealthCare Services

About Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare has long been this regions premier residential and nursing care homes. This organization is committed to providing top-of-the-line care to each one of their special residents. Some care homes are devoted to caring for young adults that have severe physical or learning disabilities. Other care homes specialize in …