Bhanu Choudhrie Talks About Why This is the Right Time to Invest in the Aviation Sector

Bhanu Choudhrie is among the people who understand how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the aviation sector. Choudhrie owns Alpha Aviation Group, and he recently weighed in on how the pandemic has affected the aviation industry.

Pilot Training Has Been Grounded Because of Pandemic Containment Measures

Alpha Aviation is among the leading pilot training firms globally. Bhanu Choudhrie has experience in different industries, including hospitality, aviation, and the healthcare sector, which means he can weigh in on matters about aviation investments.

When it was announced that COVID-19 had become a global pandemic, people began canceling flights. As an executive at the aviation firm, Bhanu Choudhrie understood the need to act fast since times were changing. As a result, Alpha Aviation Group resorted to e-learning when it comes to pilot training considering the restrictions put in place were strict.

The main reason why Bhanu Choudhrie saw the need to implement e-learning is because he wanted the pilot training to continue. The aviation group has at least 600 cadets currently training in the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. The cadets had enrolled for pilot training before the pandemic, and they had already paid for everything. The training usually lasts for at least 20 months.

No one had foreseen that training would still take place while adhering to the restrictions that had been put in place to ensure the virus won’t spread further. Through e-learning, the students have managed to progress with their lessons, and they haven’t lost in terms of time.

The aviation group is currently making use of a simulator for the pilot training sessions. The simulator comes in handy, considering the planes are currently grounded. Using the flight simulator, it is possible to customize the learning program depending on the needs of each student. The simulator will also enable each cadet to have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Facebook Page.