Haroldo Jacobovicz Inspirational Technology Walk

Born in Brazil by civil engineer parents, Haroldo Jacobovicz enrolled for a civil engineering degree at the Parana Federal University. He quickly realized he could create other things beyond buildings and bridges, and that’s when he developed an interest in the future of information technology. He got a lot of inspiration from his parents to copy their problem-solving skills, creativity and work ethic to his business ideas. He founded Microsystem, his first company, with three other friends in the early 1980s while still in college.

This company was an opportunity to aid small businesses in having their inventory and cash management automated. However, they realized that the small businesses weren’t ready for automation, and their company lasted for a year. He realized that what he was offering had value, but he had to look for the right audience willing to appreciate it. Other larger companies had already seen the value of automation, and Haroldo Jacobovicz was hired by Esso and joined their team of engineers.

Eventually, Haroldo Jacobovicz had worked his way up and became a market analyst; after that, the Commercial tactics & New business Head at the company’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After a year and a half, he moved back to Curitiba and joined Itaipu Binational, a company belonging to the Argentine and Brazilian Government. In four years there, he realized that both big private and government companies sought information technology solutions.

His entrepreneurial heart pushed him to build on his entire experience and founded Horizon Telecom. What fascinated him, he said, is the technology’s transformative power. Though Haroldo Jacobovicz wished he had balanced education with earning, his acquired skills were fundamental to his overall growth.

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