Laura McQuade Influential Personality

Laura McQuade is listed among the top positions in New York according to Crains2019. Laura McQuade is listed among the top most influential women. She serves as the executive at Planned Parenthood New York. Her commitment is to help girls and the underprivileged. She has been instrumental in leading the organization through the various expansion strategies that the company has been involved in. Laura McQuade is at the forefront of leading the organization to an expansion drive. The facility is expected to have 28 new health centers coupled up with 900 employees. Additionally, the new health center is expected to accommodate over 200, 000 patients. The organization is expected to operate at an estimate of $110 million.

The planned merger is expected to provide more negotiating power to the commercial payers. The opportunity is expected to open several doors for sexual and reproductive health. Her accomplishments and accolades have made her land in many top lists of influential people.

Laura McQuade is key to developing access to comprehensive health care. The various mergers acquired under her leadership have led the firm to open different branches all over the city—the organization’s total revenue was at an estimate of $54 million in 2018. The said facility is seen to provide an opportunity for greater access to reproductive healthcare. Laura McQuade is expected to continue making an impact and difference in society. The strategic vision she possesses has been key in leading Planned Parenthood to where it is presently. Through her journey, she has achieved many goals that leave to be desired by the larger society.

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