Laura Rea Dickey Continues The Legacy Of Dickey’s

Texas barbecue has for so long been a staple for the rest of the United States, and the popular restaurant Dickey’s is taking advantage of it’s success. A family business with CEO Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth at the helm, is stirring up people from all around the globe to taste the delicious wonders of smoked pig, brisket, and sauces that can range from spicy to sweet. What is it though that attracts people to Dickey’s?

In an article written by Hugh Grant for TechBullion titled, “Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. CEO Laura Rea Dickey is Making A Regional Cuisine an International Phenomenon”, it gives a perspective to the reader about how Dickey’s BBQ Pit has built up a reputation. First in the United States, and then expanding internationally.

The article covers first over the history of Texas barbecue, as the first old fashioned meals of roasted pig covered in spices soon gave inspiration for sauces to cook the meat more thoroughly. Along with giving more taste for whoever would consume it. World War I veteran Travis Dickey came up with original barbecue recipes to start a restaurant with his family. Which became a rousing success, despite the changing times.

When his son began franchising the restaurant, this little-known fame at one point, began to spread like wildfire. And then Laura Rea Dickey came onto the scene.

Laura is an astounding businesswoman, who married the grandson of Travis Dickey, and has brought years of marketing and work experience into the industry. When she became CEO of Dickey’s, the addition of several menu items helped give Dickey’s more recognition than before.

Now with locations opening in Japan, Rea has given us a glimpse of Dickey’s future. By building up and expanding the franchise in a way that the late Travis Dickey would today be so proud of. Visit this page for related information.


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