Peter Briger on his Success

As someone who went to two ivy league colleges, Peter Briger knows he has been a lucky man to say the least but tries every day to give back to those who are not as fortunate. Peter Briger started out as a lowly kid growing up in the back streets of Hoboken but knew he would do great things one day. This is why he studied every chance he got to ensure he would be one of the most successful people in his field. His hard work soon began to pay off when he got an acceptance letter from Princeton complete with a full ride. His folks did not have much & it was the only offer he had so he knew he had to take it & this is when he became a part of one of the honors societies they have on campus. Despite this, he kept his eyes on the prize & made sure that he was up there with the big dogs. As his college career began to wane, he did not want it to come to a close so he applied to U Penn to be one of their MBA students. It was not long before Peter Briger got in & this is when he took off. Once his academic career was over & done with, he knew he had to make a career for himself & this is why he went to work at one of the local firms for a few years. It was not long before he had enough to start FIG & this is when Peter Briger began to plant those seeds. He started it in the fall of 98 &, before knew it, it had soon become the top dog in the finance world. Peter Briger is now a New Yorker and more