Robert Bull, a revolutionary in the real estate sector

Over the last ten years, the major players in the real estate sector in the United Kingdom shunned the idea of constructing bungalows in great numbers. The Chief Executive Officer of RoyaleLife, Robert Bull, realized increased market demand for single-story homes across the nation aimed for those above 45 years.

Robert Bull capitalized on this realization and, in the process, transformed it into the biggest supplier of bungalow homes for those above 45 years in the United Kingdom.

Bull made RoyaleLife into the real estate behemoth today by recognizing that people above 45 years found bungalows suitable for their needs and lifestyle. Bungalows generally comprise a single floor with a smaller space compared to other house types such as mansions. Less space means that property owners worry less about the maintenance costs usually associated with larger properties.

Furthermore, the current economic conditions favor RoyaleLife’s business model of concentrating on bungalows for the market segment of people above the age of 45 years. All of us are currently facing tough economic times, particularly exuberated by the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s especially true for those above 45 years who hold significant concerns over their position in this challenging and continuously evolving economy.

Thus, such people look to save costs through downsizing to more affordable and manageable homes. Robert Bull saw the growing demand for affordable and manageable homes for people above 45 years and created an appropriate solution to fill the need in this market segment.

The solution developed is known as the Home Part Exchange program. It involves a business strategy that enables homeowners to purchase a bungalow from RoyaleLife in exchange for the present-day valuation of their property. Any extra funds that remain after the completion of the property sale get handed over to the homeowner.

For those above 45 years and looking to downsize to affordable and manageable homes, the Home Part Exchange program came at precisely the right time. For Robert Bull, the struck gold in a market segment neglected by the big players for too long.