Steph Korey On The Growth OF Luggage Bags.

Steph Korey On The Growth OF Luggage Bags.

Sometimes there is a success even in the worst of circumstances. A proverbial line that Steph Korey has embraced to becoming an industrial entrepreneur. After discovering the market gap of travel bags, together with her friend Rubio, they made travelers’ journeys better. The duo was on track to give travelers a better experience with quality travelling bags. Some of the challenges that most consumers face with travel bags include poor zippers and wheels. Steph Korey co-founded the Luggage Company Away.

Together the partners have been innovative, especially in the luggage bags with need to change the awful experiences gathered from the customers. The company put an unrelenting drive on the durability of the bags. Most of the luggage bags made by Steph Korey also extraordinarily had other features exceptionally from others. The bags come in handy with plug phones and also USB devices. Most of these items are necessary when travelling with such incredible services within their reach with the Luggage Company Away.

Steph Korey, with many years of experience in the market trends, is keen to incorporate other features. The Luggage Company Away also makes most of its sales online. Consumers can contact the company staff to get their bags at affordable prices. Further, the entrepreneur is also happy with the rapid growth of the bags in the market. Additionally, consumers can choose their preferences from the bags’ variety of sizes and colors. The top entrepreneur has been keen to ensure that most of her products are sustainable in the market. She incorporates the best industrial designers to help make the best of the bags.

She worked in other companies, including Warby Parker. She studied in a business school in Columbia. Further, the luggage company is optimistic about inclusively catering to other travel products for its customers.

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