ZeroAvia Working Towards making Hydrogen-electric Engines a Household name in Aviation

ZeroAvia has recently made news acquiring nearly 35 million from Alaska Air Group and United Group. The contribution was geared towards making hydrogen-electric engines accessible for large aircraft. The newly secured figure at ZeroAvia of $35 million increases the amount accumulated by vast investors into nearly $115 million. Some of the previous investors who have contributed a handful of amounts include Horizons Ventures, Shell Ventures and Ap Ventures.


Other types of investors are Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, and Summa Equity. Indeed, the United is at the edge of enjoying the new aviation today by purchasing nearly 100 of ZeroAvia engines. United Express distinguishes itself as the largest airline driven by hydrogen-electric aviation. Most interestingly, United Express aircraft will likely integrate the 100% hydrogen-electric engines by 2028. ZeroAvia is recognized for forging hydrogen-electric solutions to address various markets. The company distinguishes itself in bringing efficiency in aviation. 


ZeroAvia and United Express

Furthermore, ZeroAvia is dedicated to achieving its vision of zero-emission aviation. The company is making efforts to commercialize its hydrogen-electric technology. The newly secured contribution from new investors will help the aviation company further development of its 2-5MW Zero-emission powertrain system. ZeroAvia aims to commercialize its hydrogen propulsion technology to bring a new look to the aviation sector. With a total investment of about $115 million, ZeroAvia is better positioned to expand its footprints in lucrative markets. 

ZeroAvia is committed to ensuring that every aircraft integrates hydrogen-electric engines to guarantee a zero-emission future. Indeed, hydrogen-electric engines strike as an important emerging technology that the entire aviation industry can adopt. The aviation industry remains crucial, with carbon emissions becoming significant. ZeroAvia is a pioneering high-end technology solution to ensure zero-emission aviation. The company has established itself by flying the largest hydro-electric aircraft. ZeroAvia is working towards initiating the first hydrogen-electric commercial route between Rotterdam and London by 2024.