Citizen App And Keeping Safe


Citizen App recently came out with a new feature that enhances what it can do. This is an app that uses crowdsourcing and police radio functionality to help keep its users informed about what is happening around them.

However, recently, Citizen app add the “Protect” feature, which makes it so that its users can now contact Citizen App directly in order to get direct support. This means that it’s now a 2-way app where before it was only a one-way app. The Protect feature is a subscription feature, and it allows you to contact agents if you’re worried about a situation around you or you just want information and advice on what to do.

Citizen App agents have gone through a training course for how to help, as well as sensitivity training for contact with those with mental health issues and with minorities. This means that the agents will have the maximum ability to speak with users smoothly. In addition, many of these agents used to be in law enforcement or emergency services.

This means that if you need help, but it doesn’t rise to the point of having to call 911, you can contact the agents, tell them what your worries are and what you observe happening around you, and they can advise you on what to do. Their experience will also mean that they may understand what’s happening in a way that you don’t.

If they decide that the situation is dangerous, they can even escalate your call to send it right to emergency services so they can send a police officer or someone else to the area. The agent will also be monitoring police scanners for the region as well as crowdsourced information about what’s happening, they can even take what you’re telling them and create an event to inform other people. Refer to this page to learn how to be part of their family.


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