Dr. Tim Ioannides: Anticipating and Responding Quickly to Change

Dr Ioannides has been given the national attention he deserves by appearing on network news and in newspapers. He has been interviewed by the media for national medical syndicates and in publications like Reader’s Digest. Tim Ioannides is board-certified dermatologist and recipient of the most prestigious research award in the state of Florida, the John Thackara, MD Award.

Tim Ioannides has been described as “the preeminent authority on melanoma research.” He has served as consultant for major television networks and entertainment companies. He served on the Jury of the famous World Headliner Awards, sponsored by the British Academy of Dermatology.

Having been the chief resident of research at Duke University Medical Center for ten years and director of medical dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine for six years, Dr. Ioannides currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr Ioannides, “I’m a big fan of health care. This forum, or conference, is intended to give me ideas that I can take back to my practice, and this is what motivates me.” His extensive library and collection of more than a million articles helps educate physicians on the latest dermatologic studies.

For example, his work with information technology in medical education has led to the creation of the MyMeds Portal, a public educational portal through which new students and physicians can learn about new dermatologic drugs and new dermatologic devices. In addition, he has collaborated with pharmaceutical companies to integrate information on drugs and devices in medical education to help physicians.

Dr Ioannides’ career can be found not only in his exemplary clinical education, but also in his commitment to medical education. In addition to leading the department, Dr. Ioannides plans to integrate psychology and life science research to better prepare his trainees to respond quickly to change.

Dr Ioannides is also in the forefront of skin cancer prevention and technology in dermatology, which he thinks is a smart move. His long-term plans for the department include expansion of physician training in primary care.

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