Gurps Rai: From Crypto to Experiential Shopping

Medium’s “Meet The Disruptors: Gurps Rai of droppTV On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry”, discusses on the 3 words of insight, the renowned pioneer of Cryptocurrency shares to everyone.

Rai has been a part of the global startup space for many years. He has worked in the United States, Singapore, and India with numerous startups and has a lot of experience of how the entrepreneurial ecosystem functions. While working on his many entrepreneurial projects, Rai learned that carbon credits could be used as an investment tool. He began to explore the possibility of opening his own carbon credit trading company.

He began to build a network of contacts in the industries he eventually propelled, including Nike. His involvement with Hub Culture Knowledge Brokerage Services and London Carbon Market saw him purchase some of Nike’s hexafluoride assets at around 500000 Ven ($50000). He has stated that the platform would continue innovating and engaging with the digital currency space.

Gurps Rai’s early vision for the marketplace has been realized in the form of a growing digital currency market. Today he is currently the CEO and co-founder of droppTV, a company that has created a platform that broadcasts live events, live videos and enables viewers of video content to perform on-screen shopping with just a simple click. The droppTV app is currently available on both the Apple and Google marketplaces. The new platform is focused on democratizing the video-on-demand industry.

The droppTV marketplace allows content creators and artists to monetize their videos and music, enabling them to share their talent and expertise and earn a living. Artists and content creators will also be able to receive royalties whenever their content is consumed. The concept of the droppTV platform is unique, and so is the company’s vision. Visit this page for more information.

He believes that the droppTV model and the cryptocurrency world will be a game-changer in the coming years and allow entrepreneurs to share their expertise with the world. Gurps Rai has always been an entrepreneur at heart and believes that this has contributed to his success.


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