Krishen Iyer Discusses Simplifying Business to be More Effective

Entrepreneur and businessman Krishen Iyer did a piece with the Jerusalem post about business. In particular, how efficiency and simplicity can complement and enhance your business. He offered some unique advice that most companies would not be aware of but should be in this modern and changing business world. The first thing that the successful businessman and CEO Krishen Iyer brought up was how the companies that are performing the best today in the stock market are the ones that deliver on their customer experience.


The way that these companies delivered this experience would have to depend on the type of industry, but one fact remained. If the company had a simpler system for the customers to use, the better the company did. As a man who was qualified to talk about the nature of delivering a good product and making it easier for a customer, he had another piece of advice, just because you are aiming for simplicity does not mean abandoning the complexity that your business needs. 

For businessman Krishen Iyer, what this really means is that a company must make it simple for the customers to use while maintaining the complexity to make it good. If a company sells plants, then the key factors are a simple interface for customers to use while having an extensive stock of plants to buy. Now there will always be some margin of error in this, but that’s okay. Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur who is focused on consulting with other businesses to improve them. He started out by distributing insurance products and used his success in that market to sell and then launch other businesses.