NJ Ayuk, the managing partner of Centurion Law Group

NJ Ayuk is a leading authority in the African energy sector and a strong advocate for African entrepreneurship. His most recent book, The Power of African Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Africa’s Scaled-up Growth Potential, is the result of over two decades of experience with his affiliate organizations. He has helped launch many successful organizations in African and partner countries and has founded three companies.

His Achievements

1. Achieving Excellence in Management Education

NJ Ayuk has over twenty years of experience in management training and education. He held the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor at Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka, Nigeria. During his leadership as the chief executive officer of Delta State University (DELSU) Foundation, he led a team that transformed a non-functioning foundation into one of the most respected in Nigeria. Ayuk’s leadership has also positioned DELSU as one of the best universities to study Energy Management. This year he successfully transitioned from an advisor role to that of an emeritus member at DELSU.

2.He is the Founder and CEO of EPAM International

NJ Ayuk is the Founder and CEO of EPAM International, an educational, training, and management organization devoted to instilling the values of professionalism, ethics, and quality management education through technical and non-technical skills in young people. EPAM has effectively imparted sustainable values, ethics, and quality management education across Africa.

3. He is the Founder of IETC

NJ Ayuk is a founding member of the Inter-University Energy Training Center (IETC), a premier institution focusing on training Petroleum Engineers in Africa. The IETC represents one of many efforts to promote sustainable development globally through technical development in the energy sector.

4. Founding Member of the IOSE

NJ Ayuk is a Founding member of the Inter-University Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs (IOSE), which aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among students, enhance their technical competencies, and become leaders in their expertise.

5. The Author of the #1 Best Seller: The Power of African Entrepreneurship

Ayuk is also a faculty member at DELSU, with over 20 years of experience in academic management, administration, and teaching. He has delivered over 200 papers on management issues and engaged in training activities on entrepreneurship for several organizations. His most popular book is The Power of African Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Africa’s Scaled-up Growth Potential.

6. NJ Ayuk, PhD

NJ Ayuk is a Distinguished Professor of Energy Management at DELSU and holds a Doctorate in Management from the University of Manchester (UK), a Master’s degree from the University of Lagos, and an MBA from the Lagos Business School.

7. NJ Ayuk has a passion for clean energy

Ayuk is an advocate for clean and renewable energy. He has been instrumental in generating cross-sectoral partnerships between private and public entities aimed at reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy.

Ayuk enjoys reading, traveling, and fishing. He is passionate about mentoring young people because he believes that the future does not belong to those who are afraid to dream big dreams. His greatest personal joy comes from mentoring young entrepreneurs and teaching them fundamental business principles critical to achieving consistent success in life.