The benefits of ElectrifAi’s technology

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of the future, but it’s not a venture that comes without costs. AI requires vast amounts of data to function successfully, and while companies are willing to pay big bucks for solutions, acquiring this data can be tricky. That’s where ElectrifAi comes in.

Building on the idea of an electric fence that uses electricity to keep animals and people out of a fenced-in area, ElectrifAi takes existing power grids and harnesses them as data sources for AI purposes. With access to aggregate household energy data from reliable energy providers such as Lighthouse Utilities, ElectrifAi utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to provide accurate predictions about household energy usage in real time.

It is a significant development since the existing energy grids that ElectrifAi uses typically need more information to support AI projects. ElectrifAi’s system is capable of monitoring the individual appliances in a home and using this data to understand how they contribute to overall energy consumption. It means that companies could make better decisions about optimizing power consumption and comprehensive investment strategies, as well as providing AI solutions for appliance inspection, calibration, and even predicting component failure.

The benefits of ElectrifAi’s technology go beyond the appliance sector. According to it, their technology is ideal for leveraging AI solutions in various areas, including smart homes and buildings, insurance, retail and logistics, and more.

Corporations would be willing to pay big bucks to access the rich data that the system can provide. But with the need for high-quality electricity to support the system and the difficulty in acquiring consumer trust, the technology may seem like something that’s still a few years out. However, it has identified partnerships with energy providers throughout North America, which allows their AI to have a reliable electricity source for data collection. It also furthers ElectrifAi’s efforts by promoting green energy and reducing energy costs for customers.